"Drive practice with theory.
Draw up the relevant questions.
Determine the right amount of Design. Not less, not more."


I define myself as a cross-disciplinary designer. Enthusiast for various ventures and experiences, I practice my design method in a large array of projects, including ones that are seemingly unrelated to design.

In 2012, I founded the Design Department at Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, which I directed from 2012 to 2017. My objective was to reform design education, whilst using my same design approach. The implemented curricula envision design as a broader discipline than one limited to creating aesthetics and artefacts.

Based in Paris and Beirut, I work on bridging my two cities and cultures, as well as across several applications of Design. My projects include commercial architecture, scenography, interior design, furniture, services and brand development. As a product designer, I work on a large scope of industrial, artisanal and experimental projects, consulting for private projects, start-ups, as well as big corporations.

Away from the form follows function paradigm, I like to design objects with a method I call materisation, which I define as "the transition from the state of idea to the state of object". My collectible works have been shown in Beirut, Brussels, Dubai, London, Milan, Paris, Design/Miami and Design/Miami Basel. Some of my pieces are part of private and public institutions, including Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratifs permanent collection.



Marc Baroud Design Services

Objects \ Spaces \ Services

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Dot to Dots

Slow, Fair, New Luxury Furniture And Objects

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Fourhanded projects with Marc Dibeh

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Manufacturing & Project Management

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Permanent Collections

TESSERA | Musée des Arts Décoratifs | Paris

Solo shows

Dot to Dots | Atelier Jespers | Brussels | 2019
Dot to Dots | SD | Beirut | 2018
LEATHERSCAPES | Design Miami / Basel | 2016
LEATHERSCAPES | Joy Mardini Design Gallery | Beirut | 2016
WIRES with Marc Dibeh | Design Miami | 2013
I:0 | Beirut Art Centre | Beirut | 2014

Group exhibitions

Itinérance 12 | Galerie Pierre Bonnefille | Paris | 2019
The Art Design Lab | Beirut Design Fair | 2019
Itinérance 11 | Collectible | Brussels | 2019
In Retrospect | Joy Mardini Design Gallery | Beirut | 2019
Spectrum 2 | Joy Mardini Design Gallery | Beirut | 2018
Joy Mardini Design Gallery | Beirut design Fair | 2018
Beyrouth: Sujet / Objets | BenSimon Gallery | Paris | 2018
Kollektiv 2 | Joy Mardini Design Gallery | Beirut | 2017
Weaving the Sea with Anastasia Kandaraki | Museum of the City of Athens | 2016
Kollektiv 1 | Joy Mardini Design Gallery | Beirut | 2016
Art Factum Gallery | Design Days Dubai | 2016
Art Factum Gallery | Design Miami / Basel | 2015
Weaving the Sea with Anastasia Kandaraki | Villa Audi | Beirut | 2015
Art Factum Gallery | Design Days Dubai | 2015
Wires with Marc Dibeh | Art Factum Gallery | Beirut | 2015
Art Factum Gallery | Design Days Dubai | 2014
Naked | House of Today Biennale | Beirut | 2014
Spectrum | Art Factum Gallery | Beirut | 2013
A.M. Qattan Foundation, The Mosaic Rooms | Carwan Gallery | London | 2013
Art Factum Gallery | Design Days Dubai | 2013
Carwan Gallery | Design Days Dubai | 2013
Alaan Artspace | Carwan Gallery | Riadh | 2013
Carwan Gallery | MIART | Milano | 2013
Katara Art Center | Carwan Gallery | Doha | 2013
Carwan Gallery | Beirut Art Centre | 2012
Confessions | House of Today Biennale | Beirut | 2012


Wall Street Journal


Wires Series, WSJ's "Wild Collection" - Best of design Miami

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The New York Times


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AD France - Le meilleur de Design Miami / Basel


Sélection de nos coups de cœur à ne pas manquer à la foire internationale Design Miami/ Basel

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Design en Regards


Ouvrage sous la direction de David Bihanic, publié en 2019 par ABM, EnsAD et la Cité du Design. Un recueil de textes, d'entretiens et de témoignages traitant des nouvelles pratiques d'enseignement du design.

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Yatzer - Best of Milan Design Week


Yatzer & YellowTrace Best of Milan Design Week 2013

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Wood Planet Korea


United with curiosity and challenging spirit Lebanese renowned designer Marc Baroud says he is innovative in all areas of design. Interview Kim Soon-young Global Editor | Courtesy Marc Baroud

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The Design of the World - Marc Baroud


Text commissioned for Design Days Dubai - July 2016

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L'officiel - Marc Baroud, barbare futuriste


Unité, dimension et structure sont les trois principaux outils de ce designer rigoureux au parcours éclectique, à la fois architecte, architecte d’intérieur et concepteur d ’objets.

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L'Orient Le Jour - 12 Artistes pour gouverner le Liban


« L’Orient-Le Jour » a constitué une dream team culturelle formée d’artistes de tous milieux, en espérant qu’elle puisse inspirer tout le monde

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L'Orient Le Jour - Les 30 libanais(es) qui ont (dé)fait l'année 2014


Rationalisée autant que possible, scientifisée presque, cette troisième édition reste un exercice obligatoirement subjectif : chacun y regrettera l'absence de plusieurs de ses coups de cœur/griffe ou l'ordre du classement, mais personne ne contestera à ces 30 Libanais, dont 15 femmes, leur présence dans ce classement : en 2014, elles et ils ont fait le buzz. Bonne année !

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Executive Magazine - Measuring the economic impact of design


The widening of older definitions of design to a newer concept of social design is where Marc Baroud, director of the design department at ALBA, sees the real growth potential for design made in Lebanon.

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